About the presenters... Soulmates Found!

Teresa and Tom

Teresa and Tom from TNT Spiritworks have come together from two different paths in life. They both have a deep inner desire to share with others how working with their inner sensitivity (spiritual gifts, psychic awareness, ESP, sixth sense, etc.) and Spiritual Helpers (also referred to as guides, angels, masters, etc.) can create a life of happiness and abundance in all areas.  They came together in 2017 after "lifetimes apart." 

Tom’s life has been very "mainstream." He grew up Catholic, received his Bachelors Degree in Engineering, spent several years as an FBI agent, and then worked almost three decades as a management consultant in the USA and Australia.  

Teresa entered the US Air Force two weeks after high school, married and had two children in her mid-20’s, spent 11 years as a homemaker and then attended Massage Therapy school in her late 30’s.  Both their paths have created a deep understanding of a typical daily life of many people who work, raise families, and then have profound change in the middle of life.  This is what happened to them.

Following their heart’s desires to be happy and free in their lives is the pivot of their relationship. They are both very sensitive and spirituality played a major role throughout their lives.  

Tom found his calling at 18 when he found the Inner Peace Movement and was able to tap into his intuitive gifts and Spiritual guidance which he has worked with his whole adult life. 

Teresa began her Spiritual search in her early 30’s and through a variety of “right place, right timing” events followed a path of exploration, deep understanding of herself - initially through astrology, channelling, and then eventually to The Wayshowers College.

Spiritual Synchronicities. That is what brought Tom and Teresa together.  For years they both dreamed of doing their spiritual work in the world. They both dreamed of sharing life with a partner that believed in spirituality. The both dreamed of sharing life with a partner who is willing to embrace living a spiritual life every day. After putting that energy out to the universe and their guidance, it happened.  In July of 2017 they were both guided to a summer conference and retreat at The Wayshowers College in Iowa. 

When they arrived they met and for several days they worked alongside one another in a workshop without taking much notice of each other. They got clearer and clearer, back to their real selves, as they shed the pressure of the environment, and were regrouped to full be who they are.  Then during one class, they were sitting opposite from one another. During a technique the energy started increasing between them. They started recognising one another... 

By the end of the time in class a veil was lowered and they realised that they knew one another and had a deeper soul connection. Then during the next break Teresa came up to Tom and said, “Nice to reconnect with you this lifetime.” Tom said, “You got that too?” After that unveiling from Spirit they had striking déjà vu experiences and past life recognition and a strong soul affinity.  However, they kept it professional and departed going seperate ways.  Until two days later when... Contact us for the "rest of the story."