TNT Spiritworks Australia Tour November 2019 Sydney-Gold Coast-Melbourne


More Information on "The Real You"

"What’s thought of as mystical or extraordinary is actually practical for daily life." 

A one and half hour presentation “The Real You” orients you to the big picture of what is happening in your life and environment.  It will re-acquaint you with who you are, where you came from, and where you are going.  Many feel re-awakened to truths they've somehow innately always known on a subconcious level. 

Five key points we will expand on are:

  • You are energy. 
  • You have a unique life purpose and thrust to your energy. 
  • You have Inner Guidance. 
  • You are here to learn and grow. 
  • You are free.

From there we cover aspects of this reality ranging from your unique Life Purpose, four innate psychic abilities to unfold, and direct clear guidance from your personal team of Spiritual Helpers or guides.  

Even if you may have explored aspects of these topics previously, this presentation fills in the gaps to pull it all together.  

We illuminate areas such as finding a balance of thought and feeling, understanding three states of consciousness and how it applies to you, the difference between emotions and true feelings, one’s Spiritual thrust or niche, as well as the Spiritual focus for each 7-year cycle of life.

With a few techniques thrown in, we explore the blueprint for your Soul's venture in a fun and engaging way.

You may be surprised at how you can also relate to the lived experiences we share.

"Life makes more sense.  It  refreshed my awareness of the inner power, freedom, and adventure available to me." - J.J. Sydney, NSW

"It provided keys for fulfilment through understanding of the mystical reality of my true nature as intelligent energy." - P.M. Melbourne, VIC

The presentation is only $15 AUD.  We prefer you let us know you are coming by booking online.  You can also pay at the door.

Astro Soul

Astro Soul Trance Healing

A powerful healing for both spiritual and material aspects of life. You will begin to understand what is truly you and what is not you. You will probably be amazed to find that many thoughts you have had for so long are not you.

Often, subtle thought patterns are not your own.  They can interfere with your direction, emotional and physical wellbeing.  The effect of these healing sessions is to clear you from outside influences so you can get down to the real you.  

Some of the symptoms of when this energy is around you are: 

  • Having something on your mind and then going blank. 
  • Getting close to a person and having some little thing make the relationship go haywire. 
  •  Doing something important or having a deep communication with someone and having all kinds of interruptions occur.
  • Having negative thoughts that won't stop no matter how much you try to put them out of your mind.
  • Deciding to do something Spiritually for yourself and everything seems to go wrong or your attitude all of a sudden becomes very negative.
  • Procrastination

"I walked out feeling like a weight has been lifted, lighter, and crystal clear." -N.M. Tallahassee, FL

You can observe these healing tables once for free.  If it appeals to you, you can decide to have a healing and pay for the service on the night.  The price is $27 AUD for a 10-minute healing.  Those ready for one can book online.

New Spiritual Horizons

New Spiritual Horizons Techniques Workshop

A special yet affordable three and half (3-1/2) hour workshop where you can take the next step to make it all practical.  You will have an opportunity to tune into what was shared in "The Real You" presentation through healing and awareness techniques.  Enjoy the company of like-minded people as you explore together.

  • We facilitate techniques for you to explore your innate sensitivity (or psychic gifts) and positive inner power for healing.
  • You will learn a personal spiritual cleansing technique of your aura so you can feel focused and crystal clear as well as one for cleansing your environment. 
  • You will discover where you fit with the universe and planet earth to unfold a better relationship to your environment and your loved ones. 
  • You will find new keys to reaching an inner balance and thereby becoming a master of your situation as you understand your first loyalty.
  • You will begin to discover the only limitations you have are the ones you impose on yourself – the only separation you have is the one you think you have.  

"It  re-ignited a zest for life, it sets me up to magnetise positive experiences for my soul evolution. It opened the door to fully discover tools I have within to live the life of my dreams with profound meaning and fulfilment. In other words, with self-awareness, life gets even better." -T.S. Des Moines, IA

"This healing workshop provided a renewed sense hope and feeling for my understanding.  I discovered my feeling is where my real power resides!" T.N. -Winterset, IA

The price for the workshop is only $50 AUD.  We prefer you let us know you are coming by booking online.  You can also pay at the door.