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"The Real You" & Astro Soul Trance Healing Events

Available to the public in Australia these are extraordinary enlightening and healing events.

Brisbane and Sydney

MindBodySpirit Festival(MBS)

We are so excited to be presenting once again at two upcoming MBS Festivals.  

Come join us and learn about The Real You and experience some fun energy techniques at each presentation. 

We hope to see you there!!

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank

Sunday, the 1st of March our presentation is at 1pm in the Seminar Room.

Sydney Convention Center

Friday, 13th of March our presentation is at 4pm in the Seminar Room.  

Sunday, 15th of March our presentation is at 3pm in the Seminar Room.

Preview of Events for the Public

"The Real You" Orientation

"The Real You" Orientation

"The Real You" Orientation


"What’s thought of as mystical or extraordinary is actually practical for daily life."  

A one and half (1-1/2) hour presentation “The Real You” orients you to the big picture of what is happening in your life and environment.  It will re-acquaint you with who you are, where you came from, and where you are going.  Many feel re-awakened to truths they've somehow innately always known on a subconcious level. 

Five key points we will expand on are:   

  • You are energy. 
  • You have a unique life purpose and thrust to your energy. 
  • You have Inner Guidance. 
  • You are here to learn and grow. 
  • You are free.

From there we cover aspects of this reality ranging from your unique Life Purpose, four innate psychic abilities to unfold, and direct clear guidance from your personal team of Spiritual Helpers or guides.  

Even if you may have explored aspects of these topics previously, this presentation fills in the gaps to pull it all together.

FREE Presentation at the MindBodySpirit Festivals in Brisbane and Sydney. FREE presentation with New Spiritual Horizons Facet 1 paid entry.  

Normally $15 fee.

Astro Soul Trance Healing

"The Real You" Orientation

"The Real You" Orientation


"Helping souls cross over by releasing past life confusion, you explore your own reality...

  • Reincarnation
  • Past Lifetimes 
  • Life Purpose
  • Healing."

A powerful healing for both the spiritual and material aspects of life. You will begin to understand what is truly you and what is not you. You will probably be amazed to find that many thoughts you have had for so long are not you.

Often, subtle thought patterns are not your own.  They can interfere with your direction, emotional and physical wellbeing.  The effect of these healing sessions is to clear you from outside influences so you can get down to the real you...

..."I walked out feeling like a weight has been lifted, lighter, and crystal clear." N.M.-Tallahasee, FL

You can observe these healing tables once for free.  If it appeals to you, you can decide to have a healing and pay for the service on the night.  The price is $27 AUD for a 10-minute healing.  Those ready for one can book online.  

Go to the REGISTER page to Book.

New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workshop Facet I: "My Life Purpose as a Spiritual Being"

New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workshop Facet I: "My Life Purpose as a Spiritual Being"

New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workshop Facet I: "My Life Purpose as a Spiritual Being"


This two-day workshop will help you to understand what it means to be a soul with a physical body, not a physical body with a soul. Learn about your purpose on planet earth. Delve into the relationship between science and spirituality and why we need to have both in our society. Learn what happens when you are out of balance in either your intellect or your feeling part, and how to bring back that balance.

This Workshop Will Help You:

  • Find a greater depth of who you are, why you came here and where you are going
  • Learn and practice a simple but powerful technique to help you to stay spiritually cleansed and directed
  • Develop your own intuitive abilities through the gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling
  • Find that Spiritual Guides, Inner Guidance, Angels, Higher Self will become a reality in your every day life as you experience how to work with the resources available to you
  • Understand your inner loyalty to yourself vs. outer loyalty
  • Learn techniques to help you in your personal, business and social life
  • Open to your inner sensitivity and find ways to make it work for you
  • If you feel your calling is to teach others, you will have the tools to get your own groups of people together, with ongoing support from our global team
  • Your life will change.  Are you ready for that?

Course Content:

You will experience 16 techniques including spiritual cleansing, positive punch, energy elevator, security circle, polarity switch, intuitive impressions, word meditation, magnetizing your future and many more. You receive a workbook to work with and take notes.  Just bring a pen.

Learning Outcomes:

The Submersion experience allows you to explore your spiritual growth over a full two-day program. You will experience practical techniques, back to back, which is like swimming in an ocean of healing, insights and love. You will gain a feeling of celebration for accomplishing so much growth in such a short amount of time. You will experience a new level of self-respect that will help you stand mountain to mountain with others. When you begin to look inside, that is when real and permanent change happens.

Select the button below to sign-up in The Gold Coast and Sydney


New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workshop Facet I: "My Life Purpose as a Spiritual Being"

New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workshop Facet I: "My Life Purpose as a Spiritual Being"


Can I attend one, two, or all of the events?

Yes, you can attend just one, two, or all three of the events.  

Is there a sequence I must take these programs?

It is recommended you attend "The Real You" orientation prior to the New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Facet 1: "My Life Purpose as a Spiritual Being." We will offering a FREE "Real You" presentation prior to the Facet 1 Submersion Workshop if you cannot make one prior to the event.

The Astro Soul Healing Tables are stand-alone sessions.

Click below to Book A Seat at one, two or each of the Events.  

Locations of Venues for EVENTS

Teresa and Tom Shantz

Teresa and Tom are international Spiritual Educators and Consultants trained and certified by the Wayshowers College.  They have a combined experience of over 60 years of searching and work in spirituality. Tom has been interviewed on radio, television and newspaper in the USA and Australia.  

Through presentations and programs, they pass along truths, tools, and techniques for practical psychic awareness and tuning into personal spiritual guides for positive living. They can help you be your own best psychic, healer, and guru for solutions and self awareness.  

As they say, "We all have a unique journey which requires our own unique answers.  No one has travelled quite the same path as you.  We would love to share with you how to tap into the wealth of wisdom and Inner Guidance inside all of us."

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